Stories are a very important aspect of the climate crisis, both in the stories that have helped humankind to bring our planet to such a point of fragility, and now, equally importantly, the stories that we need to tell to try to turn things around.

We are after all the only species for whom a story passed on through family, through community, or through myths or parables, can guide us to take one form of action versus another.

CACTUS can be a repository for hundreds of stories, be they the outcome and proposals of research papers, comparisons of our activities versus our ancestors, write ups of personal experiences or impactful changes to travel policy, we need new narratives that guide us to take effective action.

Intended here are the stories to guide Climate Action for Corporate Travel Urgent Sustainability, only time will tell the extent to which we truly know what amongst all that we do can be deemed sustainable. Until such a point of reflection we can only share and tell the stories that we believe will put us on a corrective path.


Climate Jackanory

I remember Jackanory from my childhood, primarily as a nuisance programme that interrupted the otherwise enjoyment of post-school TV entertainment.

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What's your story?

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