Conversation Starters

Helen Hodgkinson

Most of my career has been spent in corporate travel payments and there was a point in 2019 when I started to question the lack of meaningful content on conference agendas and in meeting rooms about the impact of our sector on the planet and our environment.  It struck me that it was going to be a difficult conversation to have which would challenge some of the activities of our sector and ultimately recommend doing less.  In the modern view of business or economic ‘success’ this was, and still is for many, the ultimate oxymoron.

Lee Jackson

I have worked in and around the travel industry for almost forty years. In the past decade I’ve had commercial roles with WEX and Diners Club UK providing payments solutions for the Corporate Travel sector, roles that included regular liaison with the industry and the camaraderie that comes from many longstanding relationships.

Paul Tilstone

The opportunity to support the development of an environment for all of the difficult conversations we need to have as a sector was too good an opportunity to miss, that’s why I supported the foundation of CACTUS.

Julia Fidler

The independent nature of CACTUS is an important differentiator and is part of why supporting CACTUS is important to me personally. Many of the conversations around sustainability and travel seemed to be restricted or partially biased in some way which had been limiting the possibility for really open and honest discussion – and importantly, for all of us to learn.

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