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Our hopes and intention for CACTUS

CACTUS is a forum through which individuals can engage in discussion and collaborate to drive the decarbonisation of our activities, both through our personal lives, and through influencing the organisations in which we work. Through conversations and online information sharing the group’s purpose is to champion the undertaking of behavioural and technological change that drives meaningful decrease in carbon emissions in order to address the Climate Emergency that we confront.

CACTUS was formed because those involved work within one of the most carbon intensive sectors on the planet, the travel industry has seen exponential growth in the past four decades amidst a wider transport sector that contributes a significant share of global emissions. Though regular information share and constructive debate the purpose of the group is to allow a conversation that prioritises decarbonisation and is not influenced through commercial and competitive factors.

We provide a means by which those serving the Corporate Travel sector can engage in open dialogue as to how we minimise the emissions that are created through the sector and how we make the road to decarbonisation as short as it can possibly be.

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