About cactus

CACTUS was formed in response to the growing Climate Emergency and the need for immediate efforts to cut carbon emissions in what we acknowledge to be a relatively carbon intensive business sector.

The group was formed with the intention to remain free of commercial interests and direction so that the sometimes thorny (Cactus!) subject matter of actually reducing levels of travel activity could take place.

Climate Change is Real

The fundamental rationale behind the group is that our planet and life supporting environment must come first in all of our thinking, and with that comes the inconvenient truth that some of what we do may have to change, or stop. Equally some of what we do, such as moving to emissions free modes of travel and ride sharing solutions might need to increase with far greater ambition than we see today.

To date CACTUS activities have been restricted to well attended forums in London with a wide scope of people from right across the industry. These events included very informative content from organisations that are deeply engrained in the most pressing subject matter of our time, or more to the point, of all time. Amongst the speakers were representatives of WWF, CDP, CISL and the Tyndall Centre.

There is no Planet B!

Some of the content has been hard hitting and deliberately so. Whilst the purpose of the group is to support every small activity aimed at improved levels of “sustainability” it is also important to recognise that we face a race against time and a global threat that presents itself in a myriad of ways. From the melting permafrost to the burning wildfires and the fast melting ice caps, the challenges are truly global and unprecedented in all of human history.

And with such challenges and a very short period of time to drive the necessary changes it is down to all of us to do everything we can and consider all possibilities to pull back the emissions that continue to increase the level of C02 in the atmosphere.

CACTUS is here

to champion change and collaboration across the corporate travel sector with absolute focus on reducing emissions in what is now the critical decade for humankind.

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